Solo flight announcement – Zach, Sean & Curtis

The last two weeks have seen headline news from Third Coast Aviation as we are proud to do a solo flight announcement for Zachary Duncan, Sean Venable and Curtis Wells!  We get to celebrate every student’s endorsement to fly solo from their Certified Flight Instructor (‘CFI‘), and it shows that we are growing once again.  Today we have over 33 students flying with Third Coast Aviation on a regular basis, we’re adding planes (we just adding a Grumman Cheetah to our flight line in the last month and we’re working on adding another Grumman Tiger as well), and we’ve added new Certified Flight Instructors as well – it’s interesting to note that all three of the announcements today were done by Jon Disler, our newest addition to the Third Coast Aviation family!

 Zachary Duncan after his first solo flight
Sean Venable in the cockpit of our Grumman Tiger after his first solo flight
Curtis Wells after his first solo, at Texas Gulf Coast Regional Airport (KLBX)

Outr students’ first solo flight is an important step in each of their journeys towards getting their private pilots’ license and a huge accomplishment in their life!  Notice the smiles on everyone of their faces as they reach a milestone few ever reach, even for people who start the journey to becoming a pilot.  For us, the solo flight announcement is our way bragging on our students…

We are so happy to welcome our newest addition to our instructor corps as wello, Jon Disler!  As a senior instructor in the area, most pilots in Houston know of him if not having taken classes from him in the past.

solo flight announcement
CFI Jon Disler and Sean Venable after Sean’s first solo flight

Why is a solo flight announcement important?

Most people never start their way to getting a private pilot’s license, let alone get up the guts enough to fly solo!  See our last installment on student solo flights for more on this.  Join us in telling everyone about the solo flight announcements that we publish (look for our Facebook page, Twitter feed, Instagram feed, and YouTube page. 

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