aviation merit badge

Aviation Merit Badge Workshops

aviation merit badge

Third Coast Aviation (‘TCA‘) is pleased to provide Boy Scouts of America (BSA) Aviation Merit Badge workshops since August 2017 to further aviation knowledge in the  Texas Gulf Coast region.  If you are interested in one of our upcoming workshops, please register below, and one of our admission specialists will return the contact and register your scout.  Please note payment is required prior to the scheduled event.  For more information, please see our most current Question & Answer posting.  Please note that this course is heavily requested and fills up at least a week prior to registration ends.  Also, while you’re at TCA’s historic Ellington Field headquarters , you might try out our other offerings for young adults:

Also see our FAQ on TCA activities for children 12

BSA Aviation Merit Badge Course Agenda

The following merit badge requirements will be completed (items not accomplished during this course, but are options for the aviation merit badge, are listed and crossed out):

Do the following: (Bold indicates requirements available)

  1. Define Aircraft
  2. Point on model airplane the forces that act upon an airplane in flight.
  3. Explain how an airfoil generates lift, how the primary control services affect airplanes attitude, and how a propeller produces thrust.
  4. Demonstrate how the control surfaces of an airplane are used for takeoff, straight climb, level turn, climbing turn, descending turn, straight descent, and landing.
  5. Explain the following: The sport pilot, the recreational pilot, and the private pilot certificate, and the instrument rating.

Do Two of the following: (Bold indicates requirements available)

  1. (for safety, not performing. This may be arranged outside of BSA standards if desired) Take a flight, with parent’s permission. Record the date, place, type of aircraft, and duration of flight, and report on your impressions of the flight.
  2. Under supervision, perform a preflight inspection of light airplane.
  3. Obtain and learn how to read an aeronautical chart. Measure a true course on the chart. Correct it for magnetic variation, compass deviation, and wind drift to determine a compass heading.
  4. Using flight simulator (Aviation Training Device), fly the course heading you establish in requirement 2c or another course you have plotted.
  5. Explain the purposes and functions of the various instruments found in a typical single-engine aircraft: attitude indicator, heading indicator, altimeter, airspeed indicator, turn and bank indicator, vertical speed indicator, compass navigation (GPS and VOR) and communication radios, tachometer, oil pressure, and oil temperature.
  6. Create an original poster of an aircraft instrument panel. Include and identify the instruments and radios discussed in requirement 2e.

Do one of the following: (Bold indicates requirements available)

  1. Build and fly a fuel driven or battery powered electric model airplane. Describe safety rules for building and flying model airplanes. Tell safety rules for use of glue, paint, dope, plastics, fuel, and battery pack.
  2. Build a model. (Non-powered model) Get others in your troop or patrol to make their own model, then organize a competition to test the precision of flight and landing the models.

Do one of the following: (Bold indicates requirements available)

  1. Visit an airport. After the visit, report on how the facilities are used, how runways are numbered, and how runways are determined “active“.
  2. Visit Federal Aviation Administration facility.
  3. Visit Aviation museum or attend an airshow.

Find out about three career opportunities in aviation. Pick one and find out the education, training, and experience required for this profession. Discuss this with your counselor, and explain why this profession might interest you.

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