Financing for flight training

Third Coast Aviation (‘TCA‘) provides flight training financing for individuals transitioning to an aviation career in conjunction with Meritize. TCA’s financing options include a smooth entry into regional airline partner programs and ways to build hours bridging the gap between your commercial pilot license and the 1,500 flight hours required for an Airline Transport Pilot (‘ATP‘) license. Through a recently signed agreement, TCA offers funding through its programs with Meritize.

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Meritize financing

Get Credit for Your Merit! Financing your education on your own merit is within your reach. With a Meritize loan, you can improve your loan terms by sharing your academic profile. Providing your transcript – whether high school, partial or full college or previous skills-based school experience – lets Meritize use your learning history to enhance your credit evaluation and improve your loan options.


You don’t have to have great credit. You don’t have to have a co-borrower (but if you do, even better). And you don’t have to be an “A” student to get financial credit for your academic merit. With a Meritize loan you can …

  • use your transcript to enhance your credit and improve your loan options,
  • get pre-approved in minutes,
  • fund the full cost of tuition on your own merit, and
  • choose affordable fixed or variable rates.

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The loan process

To get started with career transition financing, the process is an easy, painless process:

  • Student applies at, selecting “Third Coast Aviation” as the school and the package that matches your career transition.
  • Students submits an transcript(s), official or unofficial, during the application process or the school can submit them through the school portal.
  • Meritize responds to the client. If Meritize pre-approves loan, student accepts loan offer.
  • TCA completes enrollment verification.
  • Paperwork completed, disbursement made, and student gets started!
  • Packages provided
  • Making it easy for the student, TCA provides four different packages for students transitioning to a new career (TCA works with different funding sources for non-career transitioning students):

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Loan packages

Working in conjunction with Meritize, TCA has three options for loan packages that match students’ career transitioning needs:

  1. Private Pilots License (‘PPL‘) to Commercial Pilots License (‘CPL’) @ $55,000
  2. PPL to Certified Flight Instructor (‘CFI‘) @ $70,000 (includes CPL)
  3. PPL to Multi-Engine Instructor (‘MEI’) @ $82,000 (includes CPL, CFI)

** Loan disbursements cover average required CFI instructional time, ground school, aircraft rental, and miscellaneous costs to achieve specified licenses but does not guarantee any license. All costs invoiced against loan disbursements. **

Further information

Our Director of Admissions or customer support representative (‘CSR’) would love to answer any questions that you may have concerning flight training with TCA or our financing options. Please fill out the following contact form so we can contact you during business hours, 8 AM to 5 PM CST:

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About Third Coast Aviation

Founded in January 2017, Third Coast Aviation (‘TCA‘) is a Texas Gulf Coast aviation company providing Part 61 flight trainingaircraft acquisition, sales, and management services.  Our seasoned Certified Flight Instructors (CFI, CFII, and MEI) deliver flight training from Discovery Flights to Private Pilot License (PPL), Commercial Pilots License (CPL), CFI and beyond. Our admissions professionals help individuals transition into professional careers through our partnerships with regional air carriers such as GoJet Airlines Inc.; our business-to-business (‘B2B’) clientele provide explosive growth opportunity and longevity for our staff of Certified Flight Instructors (‘CFI’), maintenance professionals, and an exhilarating place for our students to learn!

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