Discovery Flight

Discovery Flight, your first student pilot flight

Start your journey as a new student pilot today by taking a Discovery Flight!  Third Coast Aviation LLC (“TCA“) and our experienced Certified Flight Instructors (“CFI“) believe that our business is to get new student pilots into the air in one of our professionally maintained aircraft.  Furthermore, historic Ellington Field (“EFD“) in Houston, Texas provides an exciting setting for your first flight!

Ellington Airport (KEFD)

Ellington Airport (KEFD)

New student pilots learn the basics and freedom of flying in a single piston engine fixed wing aircraft, experiencing take-off, climbing to the desired altitude, navigation, and then returning to Ellington Field.  After completing the flight and properly stowing the aircraft, our Discovery Flight concludes with an after action review and recording of this first flight in a flight log.

New student pilots are at the controls, but don’t worry, there will be a professional licensed CFI right next to you who also has control of the aircraft.  You might ask what’s included in the Discovery Flight?  Well, ours include:

  • ground school with safety precautions,
  • headset usage,
  • time in an aircraft from our flight line,
  • ground school review of flight activities, and
  • sign up for further flight training with TCA.

Discovery Flight Rules


FAA badge

The FAA defines what we can do in our Discovery Flights, ensuring your safety.  Here are some rules:

  • must be for new flight training students whose next step is applying for their student pilot license.  This is not a “joy ride” or “bucket list” activity;
  • must be provided by a Certified Flight Instructor; and
  • only one Discovery Flight can be done per student pilot prior to establishing U.S. citizenship (Title 14 CFR Part 49 1552, “Demonstration flight for marketing purposes” paragraph).

For more information, see our FAQ on the definition of Discovery Flights from February 2018.

Schedule your Discovery Flight today

Our Discovery flights have a full retail value of $399.00.  As a Title 14 CFR Part 61 flight school offering flight training, TCA bills this as your first flight using our standard flight training rates for the CFI and plane rental.

Schedule at or (979) 473-9822.

TCA offers the ability to purchase Discovery Flights as well as experiencing our Advanced Aviation Training Device through GROUPON, social media, and other local service / charity organizations, but unlike paying as a flight student, you are charged for:
  • $65 for a scheduled time, otherwise you may come any weekday from 11 AM CST to 3 PM CST to fly standby;
  • passengers; or
  • TCA logo material (T-shirts, polos, baseball caps, pens, luggage tags, bags).


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About Third Coast Aviation LLC

Founded in January 2017, Third Coast Aviation LLC is a general aviation company serving the Texas Gulf Coast region, providing CFR Part 61 flight training, aircraft acquisition services, and  aircraft sales services.  With ranks of seasoned Certified Flight Instructors (CFI, CFII, and MEI), we deliver services to student pilots, from Discovery Flights through their Private Pilot License (PPL) and beyond – creating safe, competent pilots!  We don’t stop there, but continue serving pilots with TCA Group Ground School Workshops, BSA Aviation Badge Workshops, and a TCA Student Association.

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