From supporting the new student pilots to helping seasoned pilots acquire new aircraft, Third Coast Aviation LLC (“TCA“) is a solution provider for the Houston aviation community.  With our seasoned Certified Flight Instructors, we provide Title 14 CFR Part 61 flight training at our facilities on the Texas Gulf Coast region.  Our team also provides aircraft acquisition and aircraft sales services at our headquarters facility at Ellington Field.

Pilots Flight Training

ELITE Systems PI-1000 professional 5 screen AATD

ELITE Systems PI-1000 professional 5 screen AATD

Looking for a new aviation career (read our FAQ on aviation careers and our president’s ruminations on aviation), a new hobby, or the fulfillment of a lifetime aviation passion?  Our senior seasoned Certified Flight Instructors (“CFI“) provide a wonderful way to enter the world of aviation as a new student pilot, or continue your journey as a pilot adding to his skills and making yourself a well rounded aviator.  Our student can work on their:

  • Private Pilots License
  • Commercial Pilots License
  • Certified Flight Instructor License
  • Airline Transport Pilot License

Or work on adding a rating to your already existing license:

  • Instrument Rating
  • Complex Rating
  • Multi-Engine Rating
  • Complex Endorsement
  • High Performance Endorsement

See our Discovery Flight page for information on your first flight.  See our Flight Training with TCA Professionals page for license requirements, agreements, financing options, brochures, and TCA Certified Flight Instructors.

Also see our TCA flight line page which includes our Advanced Aviation Training Device.

TCA Group Ground School Workshops

TCA also provides Group Ground School Workshops taught by our Certified Master Ground School Instructor that consists of a comprehensive survey of items necessary to pass the FAA’s Private Pilot Knowledge Test and oral portion of the check ride.

Items covered will include pilot certification requirements as specified in FAR Part 61, general operating rules (FAR Par 91), as well as Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM), aerodynamics of flight, principles of operation of aircraft systems and instruments, weather and aviation weather products, aircraft performance, airspace, flight planning and navigation using both charts and radio aids to navigation.

See the TCA Group Ground School Workshop page for syllabus, scheduling information, and brochure.

TCA Student Association

TCA has established a TCA Student Association open to current and former student pilots who wish to further their instruction, skills, and receive future ratings and endorsement by joining the association.  With a plethora of rights and amenities, our Student Association is a huge benefit to all pilots who use our services.

See the TCA Student Association page for agreement.

BSA Aviation Merit Badge Workshops

aviation merit badge

BSA Aviation Merit Badge

TCA schedules Boy Scouts of America (“BSA“) Aviation Merit Badge workshops to further aviation knowledge.  Not only will your Boy Scout receive most of the requirements in order for them to achieve their Aviation Merit Badge, but they will also be in a facility right next to the Lone Star Flight Museum that will most definitely allow them to complete their badge requirements.

See our BSA Aviation Merit Badge Workshop page for further agenda information and registration form.

Miscellaneous Pilots Information

We at Third Coast Aviation are aviators as well, and as such, we try to provide a resource for pilots to get licensed and stay current.  Here are some resources that we provide:

About Third Coast Aviation LLC

Founded in January 2017, Third Coast Aviation LLC is a general aviation company serving the Texas Gulf Coast region, providing CFR Part 61 flight training, aircraft acquisition services, and  aircraft sales services.  With ranks of seasoned Certified Flight Instructors (CFI, CFII, and MEI), we deliver services to student pilots, from Discovery Flights through their Private Pilot License (PPL) and beyond – creating safe, competent pilots!  We don’t stop there, but continue serving pilots with TCA Group Ground School Workshops, BSA Aviation Badge Workshops, and a TCA Student Association.

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