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Online Ground School

Third Coast Aviation searches for the best learning tools for its flight students and pilots, and we recently got some great feedback on online ground schools from our students Here are the online courses used by our students recently:

  • AV8 Prep online courses
  • Fly 8MA online courses
  • Sporty’s online courses
  • Jason Schappert’s M Zero A online coursesM0A
  • King Schools online courses

Using an Online Ground School

First, how do we recommend you integrate this into your training? We recommend that every student pilot working on their private pilots’ license follow this course of events:

  1. Take a Discovery Flight – ensure that this is for you; about 10% of the time, people just can’t take the smaller general aviation aircraft.
  2. Buy a student pilot kit – we put together what we believe is a kit including the necessities for every pilot, things like the current FAR/AIM, foggles, E6B flight computer, charts, etc. We have selected the ASA versions of the FAA manuals as a cost effective means of having the paper copies of the manuals.
  3. Buy an inexpensive headset – don’t go all out until you have gotten your license; try out a number of them. We used to recommend the ASA headset with lifetime warranty, but after the third time we had to return all 4 of our headsets for repair we opted for a new brand with higher quality and 5 year warranty (haven’t had one break yet).
  4. Schedule your next two weeks of dual flight training – 2 to 3 times a week for your dual flight training will minimize the length of your training, and with weather and other scheduling conflicts that you may have, this provides maximum chances of a short total time to license.
  5. Schedule your FAA flight medical exam today – many people experience review items that they might not expect, such as ADD / ADHD medication interaction, sleep apnea, etc. Get it done early so you have time to get any of those items done before you’re ready to solo (you must have a medical certificate prior to your first solo).
  6. Get started studying for your FAA written exam online today!

Taking an online ground school course allows the normal private pilot license (‘PPL‘) student to take their time the first time through the course. By getting started early, you give yourself options. Taking an online course allows you to go over the material, understand it, and then ask your Certified Flight Instructor (‘CFI‘) for clarification on issues. If needs be, you can enroll in one of our accelerated group ground school workshops.

Call Wendy for more information on upcoming workshops

Why online?

Well, the obvious answer, “because of flexibility”, is the right one. Online provides you the ability to start and stop at your leisure. It allows you to review it over and over again (especially if you are a perfectionist). An online also gives you the ability to do practice tests over and over again until you get over a 90% – a sure sign that you will pass the test.

Our student reviews…

Here are a few of our students’ reviews (we will add these as we get permission from our students):

I used the AV8 ground school provided as part of my enrollment but changed to MZeroA. I like MZeroA for several reasons – Jason Schappert is the owner at MZeroA and has set up a great online ground school program aimed at private pilot, instrument, and commercial certifications. The basic structure for his courses are two segments, a knowledge exam “boot camp” and a check ride prep. The boot camp is a series of videos on all relevant topics for the knowledge exam broken down into several subject areas focusing on exam questions. After each series of videos, there is a 60 question quiz with questions taken from the FAA exam database. As you progress through the course, you end up taking several quizzes, answering hundreds of questions and learning the subject matter very well. At the end of the boot camp, you take a mock knowledge exam that mimics the FAA exam. If you pass the exam with a 90% or higher score, you will be given the exam endorsement for the real test. You can re-take the practice quizzes and mock exams as many times as you want and the questions will change so you never take the same exam twice. I went through the entire boot camp in about 4 weeks, studying an hour or two 3 or 4 days per week and took 6 mock exams and passed the Private Pilot Knowledge Exam with a 98%, so I highly recommend MZeroA.

The check ride prep is another series of videos that focuses on the topics relevant for the oral and practical exam. There are short quizzes after each series of videos but there is no final exam. MZeroA videos are high quality and are kept current with the latest changes with the ACS and various topics in aviation training. MZeroA also offers weekly live and recorded webinars that cover various topics in depth. The ground school is also set up where you get access to all certification training as part of a monthly fee.

I watched YouTube videos of Fly8MA with Jon Kotwicki – Jon is also a charismatic instructor and I like his YouTube videos a lot. There’s a site called Bold Method that is not really a ground school as it is an informational site with a lot of relevant information and some paid content to help prepare for specific topics like weather briefings.†

Michael Barry, private pilot student at Third Coast Aviation


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