TCA Interview on “Houston and Beyond!” radio show

September 30, 2018 at (Ellington Field) Houston, Texas – Third Coast Aviation (‘TCA‘) announces an interview being broadcast today at 4 PM CST on the “Houston and Beyond!” radio show with Jack Chambers.  TCA Sr. Financial Consultant spoke about current events at TCA, our flight training services, and some things to do around Houston Texas.

Tune in today at 4 PM on AM 1070 The Answer, go to the “Houston and Beyond!” radio show homepage and listen online live, or go there within the next year and hear the broadcast podcast.

Interview on Houston and Beyond radio show

The 30 minute interview explores Discovery Flights and their part of the experience of getting a private pilots license (‘PPL‘), flight training in general, Certified Flight Instructors (‘CFI‘), our aircraft Acquisition, Disposition, and Management (‘ADM‘) services.

TCA’s sponsorship on the “Houston and Beyond!” radio show hosted by Jack Chambers ends with this show, but we look forward to working in the future with Mr. Chambers on welcoming people to our great city, Houston, Texas, as well as things to do around the metro area.

A little history lesson from

Little known to us at TCA, we are sitting near the birthplace of the United States military air force – Bay Street Park in Texas City.  Here is what we found out (take from a posted article at the part itself on Trip Advisor):

The First Aeronautical Division of the U.S. Army was established in August of 1907.  The Wright Brothers designed and tested the first military plane delivered to the Army, which met the specifications of being able to fly 40 miles per hour, remain aloft for one hour with a crew of two, and be transportable in a four-wheeled, mule driven wagon.  The contract with the Wrights also included the training of two officers in the “handling and operation of this flying machine.

Although an aviation school was established in College Park, Maryland, and experimental flights were conducted in West Texas, Georgia, Virginia, Ohio, California, and the Philippines, the Signal Corps did not establish the First Aero Squadron until the spring of 1913 when the Second Division was encamped at Texas City.

Here, on an air field located on the land now part of this Bay Street Park, the early aviators with the U.S. Army experimented with nine of the Army’s planes for a period of ten months (March 2 through November 28, 1913).  Eight flying officers and twenty-one enlisted men composed the Aero Squadron, commanded by Captain Charles Deforest Chandler.

Here, flight records for speed and distance were set.  Among those young officers assigned to Texas City was Lieutenant Eric Ellington, for whom Ellington Air Force Base, south of Houston is name.”

posted plaque at By Street Park

About Third Coast Aviation

Founded in January 2017, Third Coast Aviation (‘TCA‘) is a Texas Gulf Coast aviation company providing Part 61 flight trainingaircraft acquisition, sales, and management services.  Our seasoned Certified Flight Instructors (CFI, CFII, and MEI) deliver flight training from Discovery Flights to Private Pilot License (PPL), Commercial Pilots License (CPL), CFI and beyond. Our admissions professionals help individuals transition into professional careers through our partnerships with regional air carriers such as GoJet Airlines Inc.; our business-to-business (‘B2B’) clientele provide explosive growth opportunity and longevity for our staff of Certified Flight Instructors (‘CFI’), maintenance professionals, and an exhilarating place for our students to learn!

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