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“Houston and Beyond!” radio show sponsor

July 22, 2018 at (Ellington Field) Houston, Texas — Third Coast Aviation (“TCA”) is proud to announce that we are new sponsors of the “Houston and Beyondradio show on every Sunday from 4:00 to 6:00 PM on AM 1070 The AnswerJack Chambers, host for the Houston and Beyond radio show, helps Houstonians explore fun activities in the Houston – The Woodlands – Sugar Land metro area, and Jack will be having our staff, our Certified Flight Instructors, and our students on the show to help others figure out what flight training can be like.

Houston and Beyond

From Houston and Beyonds home page…

Houston, Texas is a great place to live, work or visit. Tune in to “Houston and Beyond!” to find out what to see and do in the Houston area.

The radio show airs Sundays, 4-6 pm (Central Time), on AM 1070 The Answer (KNTH) in Houston. It can also be heard via the internet, by clicking the “Listen live!” link on the upper left-hand side of this page. If you click the link that says “Previous shows,” you will find a list of topics covered and guests interviewed on recent editions of the show, and you can listen to recordings of those shows on your computer, cellphone or other device.

Topics covered include restaurants, entertainment, concerts, arts, recreation, sports, attractions, festivals, museums, special events, health & fitness, senior activities, and activities for pets. There are also stories about business and real estate.

There are also lots of travel stories on “Houston… and Beyond!” (That’s where the word “beyond” comes in.) In fact, the show is sometimes recorded on location at interesting travel destinations across the USA and around the world.

“Houston and Beyond!” is a clean, family-friendly radio show. Jack believes it’s still possible to inform and entertain people in a positive, wholesome manner. You could even listen to his radio show with your grandmother and not be embarrassed!

This radio show coincides with our mission statement of “re-imagining a transportation throughout the Texas gulf coast” as well as our family values.  Take a look at Third Coast Aviation’s sponsor page on Jack’s website.

About Third Coast Aviation LLC

Founded in January 2017, Third Coast Aviation LLC is a general aviation company serving the Texas Gulf Coast region, providing CFR Part 61 flight trainingaircraft acquisition services, and  aircraft sales services.  With ranks of seasoned Certified Flight Instructors (CFI, CFII, and MEI), we deliver services to student pilots, from Discovery Flights through their Private Pilot License (PPL) and beyond – creating safe, competent pilots!  We don’t stop there, but continue serving pilots with TCA Group Ground School WorkshopsBSA Aviation Badge Workshops, and a TCA Student Association.

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