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GoJet Pilot Pipeline Program

Ellington Field, Houston, Texas (November 16, 2018) — Third Coast Aviation (‘TCA‘) announces today that it officially joined two partnership programs with GoJet Airlines LLC (‘GoJet Airlines‘), including their Rotor Transition Program and Pilot Pipeline Program.  This is an important step in TCA’s evolution from supporting predominantly business-to-consumer (‘B2C‘) transactions to a mix of B2C and business-to-business (‘B2B‘), and further underscores TCA’s focus of supporting professional pilots and individuals working towards entering the ranks of professional pilots.

GoJet Airlines’ Rotor Transition Program

The best place to find qualified pilots who can work towards a career at GoJet Airlines is a professional rotor pilot with 750+ hours of flight time – most likely coming from the military.  In our case, the Army National Guard flies two hangars down from us on Ellington Field (KEFD), and there are a number of rotorcraft pilots just starting out from flight school to seasoned professionals already holding an FAA commercial pilot’s rotorcraft license.  Our military liaison Justin Hagel was our first pilot in this program, the GoJet Airlines’ Rotor Transition Program, having gotten his fixed wing private pilot’s license with TCA.  The requirement for this program are as follows:

Military pilots meet R-ATP minimums with just 750 hours of total time, including 250 hours of fixed-wing PIC time. While the majority of military rotor pilots have the total time requirements to fly commercially, many lack the fixed-wing component.  GoJet will fund up to $51​,000 in fixed-wing training time for rotor pilots who are short R-ATP mins. Train at the school of your choice, or at one of our pre-approved partner schools.

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GoJet Airlines’ Pilot Pipeline Program

Another exciting program that TCA offers in conjunction with GoJet Airlines is the GoJet Pilot Pipeline Program.  This program “…establishes that bridge between GoJet and qualified students early in their training progression” with features of the program including:

…the ability to observe training classes in St. Louis at the GOJET Company Headquarters, meetings with the GOJET Flight Operations LEadership Team, and the assignment of a mentor (Ambassador)

GoJet Airlines’ Pilot Pipeline Program

Participation Requirements

In order to participate in this program, pilots must:

  • Interview with a GoJet pilot recruiter after obtaining a private pilot’s license plus their instrument rating;
  • pass a background check;
  • be legally able to work in the United States;
  • be in good standing with TCA, their flight school;
  • acquire an FAA First Class Medical certificate at initial and final interview times;
  • complete a Wingman applications on www.GoJetAirlines.com;
  • agree to obtain Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) license and work as a Flight Instructor at TCA in order to complete required flight hours to meet GoJet hiring requirements“;
  • demonstrate continued professional conduct at all times; and
  • sign a release form authorizing TCA to provide GoJet any of the student’s records as requested.

Pilot Responsibilities

The pilot has many responsibilities while within the program, including:

  • representing GoJet Airlines on campuses and recruiting events;
  • representing GoJet Airlines and the Pipeline Program in a professional manner at all times;
  • maintaining regular contact with a GoJet Flight Operations Mentor / Ambassador at TCA;
  • participate in GoJet scheduled events in St. Louis to i) meet with members of the GoJet Flight Operations Management Team, and ii) audit training classes (all travel and hotel expenses provided by GoJet Airlines).

Pilot Benefits

And then the benefits to the pilot of participating in the GoJet Airlines’ Pilot Pipeline Program with TCA:

  • the intern position (“Wingman“) with GoJet Airlines provides a pathway to a First Officer position with GoJet Airlines once the pilot has met the RATP and ATP minimums;
  • pilot will receive a GoJet Airlines non-crew company badge;
  • eligible for participation in the GOJET Pilot Referral program;
  • eligible to receive airline training materials and participate in training events in advance of students in the New Hire Initial Training;
  • expedited interview and entry into GoJet Airlines;
  • eligible for $10,000 in tuition reimbursement;
  • limited flight benefits; and
  • a Gojet Airlines Captain or experienced First Officer assigned as a mentor.

If you’re interested in participation in either the Rotor Transition Program or the Pilot Pipeline Program with TCA, call us at (979) 473-9822 or send us an e-mail to info@thirdcoastaviation.com for further information.  Our current GoJet Ambassador and military liaison is Justin Hagel, and you can also speak to our Director of Admissions Stacey Rhodes.

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