Designated Pilot Examiner

Designated Pilot Examiner in Houston

For our students, we at Third Coast Aviation (‘TCA‘) are always engaging with FAA Designated Pilot Examiner (‘DPE‘) and scheduling check rides for our students.  Houston DPE’s are in high demand, so it is important to be completely ready for your oral exam and your checkride – of course, your Certified Flight Instructor‘s (‘CFI‘) endorsement is required prior to making an appointment with a DPE for your oral exam and your checkride.

What is a Designated Pilot Examiner

Designated Pilot Examiner

A Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE) is an individual, appointed in accordance with 14 CFR section 183.23, who meets the qualification requirements of the Order 8900.2, General Aviation Airman Designee Handbook, and who:

  • is technically qualified;
  • holds all pertinent category, class, and type ratings for each aircraft related to their designation;
  • meets requirements of 14 CFR part 61, sections 61.56, 61.57, and 61.58, as appropriate;
  • is current and qualified to act as pilot-in-command (PIC) of each aircraft for which they are authorized;
  • maintains at least a third-class medical certificate, if required; and, maintains a current flight instructor certificate, if required.

This was quoted from the FAA’s website.  Another useful definition is on Wikipedia.

Houston DPE’s

Here is a listing of the Houston area Designated Pilot Examiners.  Please feel free to ask your TCA CFI upon endorsement to make your appointment with a DPE that they recommend because that usually means an easier time to get scheduled – the DPE’s know our CFI’s and their track records.

Name AddressCityStateZipPhone
John BoatwrightLubbockTX(806) 544-4873
Wanda CollinsP.O. BOX 1599
MADISONVILLETX77864(831) 325-3228
Bill Conley3280 DELAWAREBEAUMONTTX77703(409) 782-0771
Roscoe Edwards5722 BELCREST STREETHOUSTONTX77033(713) 444-6696
Richard Hill2710 GREEN TEE DRIVEPEARLANDTX77581(713) 899-7990
Joseph Kapocsi1218 CARDIGAN BAY CIRCLESPRINGTX77379(281) 380-5808
Walter Lulhearn4811 RIVERSIDE OAKS DRIVEKINGWOODTX77345(713) 569-6223
Raymond Murphy743 CUMBERLAND RIDGE LNLEAGUE CITYTX77573(281) 924-9700
Rick Rawlings5915 ROCKY BROOK DRIVEKINGWOODTX77345(281) 221-2384
Debby Rihn-Harvey10446 CARLOW LANELA PORTETX77571(281) 471-1675
Sandy Salibo407 MEADOW WOOD LANEFRIENDSWOODTX77546(713) 299-3583
Daryl Stewart2210 SOUTH PALM CT.PASADENATX77502(713) 944-9872
Christopher Cotton1440 SCHARPE STREETHOUSTONTX77023(281) 606-0606
Walter Mulhearn4811 RIVERSIDE OAKS DRIVEKINGWOODTX77345(713) 569-6223
Tony MitchelliLA(985) 320-3876

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