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Child care during flight training options

If you want to take flight training but you have small children who shouldn’t be left alone at home, Third Coast Aviation LLC (“TCA“) announces a referral agreement with World of Wisdom to provide child care while you are “in the air“.  World of Wisdom provides child care so close to TCA that you’re within 5 minutes via car and 2 minutes via air (that’s supposed to be funny)…

Child care

World of Wisdom logo

World of Wisdom, within 8.4 miles of Third Coast Aviation, is already being used by one of our students who is on our Airline Transport Pilot (“ATP“) track.  If you call and make an appointment to start using their service, ensure that you speak to Rebecca Thompson at (281) 557 – 2273 and World of Wisdom will waive the $25 registration fee.

World Of Wisdom
17926 Highway 3, Webster, TX 77598
ph: 281-557-2273 | fax: 281-557-2273

Here is an excerpt from their website:

World Of Wisdom is an hourly child care center that is tailored to meet the individual needs of each family that visits our center. We offer a wide variety of fun stuff to do in a nurturing environment.

And some other information on their website:

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