aviator acronyms

Aviator Acronyms

As a Part 61 flight school, Third Coast Aviation (‘TCA‘) pilots and students encounter many aviator acronyms everyday.  We thought that it would be useful to keep a list to ensure that everyone had a handy guide:

  • AATD – Advance Aviation Training Device
  • AGL – Above Ground Level
  • AIM – Aeronautical Information Manual
  • ASFP – Alien Flight School Program
  • ATPL – Air Transport Pilot License
  • ATS – Air Traffic Service
  • ATTC – Air Traffic Control Center
  • AWBS – Aviation Weather Briefing Service
  • BFR – Biannual Flight Review
  • CFI – Certified Flight Instructor
  • CFII – Certified Flight Instrument Instructor
  • CFR – Code of Federal Regulations
  • CPL – Commercial Pilot License
  • DPE – Designated Pilot Examiner
  • FAA – Federal Aviation Administration
  • FAR – Federal Aviation Regulation
  • FDR – Flight Data Recorder
  • FTD – Flight Training Device, also related to PC-FTD as in “Personal Computer Flight Training Device
  • GA – General Aviation
  • GPS – Global Positioning System
  • I/C – In Charge, also used in conjunction with Pilot In Charge (“PIC”)
  • IFR – Instrument Flight Rules
  • IPC – Instrument Proficiency Test
  • MAA – Maximum Authorize Altitude
  • MCA – Minimum Crossing Altitude
  • MEA – Minimum Enroute Altitude
  • MEI – Multi Engine Instructor
  • MFVR – Marginal Visual Flight Rules
  • MFD – Multi Function Display
  • MOCA – Minimum Obstruction Clearance Altitude
  • MRA – Minimum Reception Altitude
  • MSL – Mean Sea Level
  • PFD – Primary Flight Display
  • PIC – Pilot In Charge
  • PPL – Private Pilot License
  • RTO – Abort to Take Off
  • TAF – Terminal Aerodrome Forecast
  • TFR – Temporary Flight Restrictions
  • VFR – Visual Flight Rules

If you find any aviator acronyms that we don’t have listed and you believe that we need to add them to our list, please contact us at info@thirdcoastaviation.com or go to our contact form on our home page.  Also, if you encounter a good list of aviator acronyms on the internet, please forward it on to us for inclusion and reference here – the more the better.

About Third Coast Aviation

Founded in January 2017, Third Coast Aviation (‘TCA‘) is a Texas Gulf Coast aviation company providing Part 61 flight trainingaircraft acquisition, sales, and management services.  Our seasoned Certified Flight Instructors (CFI, CFII, and MEI) deliver flight training from Discovery Flights to Private Pilot License (PPL), Commercial Pilots License (CPL), CFI and beyond. Our admissions professionals help individuals transition into professional careers through our partnerships with regional air carriers such as GoJet Airlines Inc.; our business-to-business (‘B2B’) clientele provide explosive growth opportunity and longevity for our staff of Certified Flight Instructors (‘CFI’), maintenance professionals, and an exhilarating place for our students to learn!


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