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Providing a clear path for students transitioning to an aviation career through financing, competent & safe flight training, affordable aircraft, and access to jobs after training.

TCA mission statement

Founded in January 2017, Third Coast Aviation (‘TCA‘) is a Texas Gulf Coast aviation company providing Part 61 flight trainingaircraft acquisition, sales, and management services.  Our seasoned Certified Flight Instructors (CFI, CFII, and MEI) deliver flight training from Discovery Flights to Private Pilot License (PPL), Commercial Pilots License (CPL), CFI and beyond. Our admissions professionals help individuals transition into professional careers through our partnerships with regional air carriers such as GoJet Airlines Inc.; our business-to-business (‘B2B’) clientele provide explosive growth opportunity and longevity for our staff of Certified Flight Instructors (‘CFI’), maintenance professionals, and an exhilarating place for our students to learn!

Our accomplishments so far…

Most businesses fail within the first two years of operations – we have already been in business over two years and achieved a level of success as a flight training organization that our competitors don’t understand! According to Pat Brown, AOPA Texas Ambassador, “TCA is one of the largest three flight training organizations in Houston, Texas.” Some of our accomplishments include:

  • 20% of our students start elsewhere and finish with us – our solution works compared to other flight schools;
  • the only constraint on our revenue growth is capital available for more, newer aircraft;
  • a partnership with Meritize that allows TCA to provide comprehensive financing for students that’s affordable and finances their transition all the way through their CPL;
  • GoJet Airlines Inc., a regional commercial airline, signed two partnership agreements with us, their Rotor Transition Program and Pilot Pipeline Program; and
  • because of the way we do business, Texas Time Builders LLC (their aircraft N19VS is pictured below) partnered with TCA to deliver multi-engine training under our brand.

Putting in place comprehensive student financing and GoJet Airlines Inc. partnerships provides TCA a huge competitive advantage since only one competitor in Houston currently has this capability. This competitive advantage enables TCA to function in a business to business (‘B2B‘) model instead of the model that most flight schools use, a business to consumer (‘B2C‘) model. The B2B model provides stable cash flow, better customer service, and more focused marketing initiatives reaching more engaged individuals in a more efficient learning process.


TCA has operations in the following airports:

  • headquarters at Ellington Field, EFD (website) (AOPA listing) (AATD)
  • Texas Gulf Coast Regional Airport, LBX (website) (AOPA listing)


TCA appreciates our community and loves to give back by doing aviation related presentations for organizations such as:

  • Boy Scouts of America boy scout troops and cub scout packs,
  • LIONS clubs,
  • Rotary clubs,
  • Exchange clubs,
  • Business networking groups,
  • city councils,
  • economic alliance councils and alliances (like Brazoria county’s The Alliance as a 2017 member), and
  • chambers of commerce (like Angleton’s CC as a 2017 member or Brazosport’s CC as a 2017 member).

Third Coast Aviation in the news…

TCA is constantly interacting with the press around the Texas Gulf Coast region as well as national news facilities.  Here is a list of us in the news:

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