Youth programs for 15 and under

First, let us compliment you on your youth’s or child’s interest in aviation!  let’s look at our youth programs…

In order to receive a Private Pilot’s certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA“), your youth must be 17 years old receive their certificate but can be 16 years old when they start.  You must be 16 years old to solo in a powered aircraft per Title 14 CFR Part 61.83 and 61.87.

Third Coast Aviation LLC (“TCA“) have an Aviation Merit badge program in conjunction with Boy Scouts of America that regularly meets on Saturdays. For more information, please email or our BSA Aviation Merit Badge page.  On the other hand our Chief Pilot rules out providing Discovery Flights or other flight training for those individuals below 17 years of age – this is a safety consideration for our Certified Flight Instructors and our the airports and facilities that we do training in.

Youth programs outside of TCA

There are a number of great youth and children programs and resources for you:

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