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Progress at Third Coast Aviation LLC

Angleton, Texas (June 19, 2017) — Third Coast Aviation LLC (“TCA“) operations are growing and showing real progress – we’ve doubled our students this month, doubled our Certified Flight Instructors (“CFI“) corps, doubled our aircraft fleet (we added a Piper Cherokee at the Pearland Regional Airport (“KLVJ“)), and added a summer marketing intern (news article from June 15, 2017) to our team.  These are the flight training services driving our growth.

We’re adding an advanced aviation training device (“AATD“), commonly known as a “flight simulator“, with a wrap around visual experience  at our Texas Gulf Coast Regional Airport (“KLBX“) headquarters location, both for our own student pilots and other flight schools’ & independent CFI’s students, as a byproduct of our growth.  A flight simulator is integral to students learning and it’s parameters match an addition to our aircraft fleet (flight hours, costs, etc.) – but we are adding more Piper and Cessna aircraft to our fleet as well.

With the pilot shortage, we believe our growth rate will continue, especially adding a simulator and aircraft, therefore we are looking for Certified Flight Instructors, full time and part time, to expand our ability to provide weekday afternoon instruction (2 PM CST and later) as well as Saturday instruction.

As we are expanding our capabilities and polishing our student offering, we are seeking new investors.  Third Coast Aviation LLC  partners believe that investors, especially those interested in the aviation industry, will find our offering at a conservative valuation with benefits positive to the initial investment.  Interested investors may inquire for further details from our Chief Financial Officer Robert C. Rhodes – call (281) 435-3917 directly or e-mail at Robert@ThirdCoastAviation.com.

About Third Coast Aviation LLC

Founded in 2017, Third Coast Aviation LLC (“TCA“) is a Title 14 CFR Part 61 flight school providing pilot certification classes and private aircraft training rentals out of the Texas Gulf Coast Regional Airport in Angleton, Texas (“KLBX“). There is an increasing need for first-class flight training and training aircraft rental.


If you are interested in information concerning flight lessons or other flight services, please call our headquarters’ phone at (979) 473-9822 or e-mail us at info@ThirdCoastAviation.com.

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