student pilot's first solo

Student pilot’s first solo – what’s the big deal?

What’s the big deal about with a student pilot’s first solo flight?

When you enter most any flight school you are greeted by a wall of photos, smiling faces with the classic aviator thumbs up posture – a wall of heroes. Typically, tacked to the same wall, a sea of torn tee shirts all baring the hand written words: First Solo!

So why is this experience so prized to the aviation community?  Well, here’s why – it’s the single most amazing moment in an aviators life (even more important than the Discovery Flight), never to be repeated.  Never to be re-experienced.  Simply put, nothing comes close!!!!

A student pilot’s first solo

student pilot's first solo
Our first student, Jeff Skiba, celebrating his first solo

For the aviator, two elements combine in this student pilot’s first solo experience.

First, it is the culmination of intense mental and physical effort.  Prior to solo, the student pilot must complete the necessary academic achievement of successfully passing a pre-solo written examination.  This examination tests the student’s knowledge of aircraft systems, safety protocols, FAA regulations, airspace and traffic pattern formalities, and so much more.  It is truly a vast, and initially unfamiliar, body of knowledge that must be mastered – an achievement in and of itself!

Second, the student must master the aircraft.  Yes, from zero to hero as it is known in the aviation community, starting from the very real position of never having flown to being able to take charge of thousands of pounds of steel, rubber, aluminum and combustible fluids and guiding that mass into the air under your sole control is no easy feat! The student must demonstrate this mastery to such an extent that the Certified Flight Instructor (‘CFI‘) has such confidence in the student’s ability that he/she hands over the keys to the student pilot and watches from the sidelines as the plane leaves the tarmac.

The big deal…

So, yes, student pilot’s first solo is most deserving of a wall of honor.  It’s achievable by the very few and joining that group of the few is an experience never to be forgotten.  Come join us at Third Coast Aviation (‘TCA‘) and let us put your picture up on our wall of fame.  Call us today to start your flight training!

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