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Aviation Merit Badge Q&A

Third Coast Aviation LLC (“TCA“) provides a question and answer for its upcoming Aviation merit badge course provided at Texas Gulf Coast Regional Airport (KLBX).

Aviation Merit Badge Q&A

Question: Do the boys need to bring printed handouts with them?

The handouts of requirements were sent, so they could be printed. If he forgets it, we will have extras to hand out.

Question: Are class A uniforms required?

Yes, it is preferable that Scouts wear their Class A Uniforms, but they should have class B on, in the event that activities allow…

Question: My Scout got approval from Scoutmaster to take the course, but they were not given a signed Blue Card.

We will provide an unsigned Blue Card which will have the requirements completed and endorsed by the Merit Badge Counselor. If you do have a signed Blue Card from your Scoutmaster, please bring that one. Remember that getting signatures, is your Scout’s responsibility…

Question: We have to cancel after completing registration. Is there a refund?

Unfortunately, once registration is closed, all the materials and lunch for your scout were already ordered. As such there is no refund for not making it to the course. However, with a 48 hour notice, you may give your slot to another Scout.

Question: I know it’s after registration, but may I get my scout into the course?

No, the registration deadline represented the point at which we have to prepare materials and lunches for the scouts attending. After the cutoff date, there would be no ability to support additional scouts added to the registration. The good news is, we conduct the Aviation Merit Badge course on a quarterly basis, dependent on getting at least 14 scouts in participation. There is a maximum 30 Scout limit.


© 2017 by Third Coast Aviation LLC, all rights reserved.  This was taken from an e-mail sent to all registered for the August 19th, 2017 BSA Aviation Merit Badge course by Tony Boulanger from Third Coast Aviation LLC.

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