Is it worth looking into a career as a pilot?

Airline and commercial pilots essential career information:

  • 2013 median pay: ~$88,000
  • 2014 median pay: ~$95,000
  • 2015 median pay: ~$102,250
  • 2013, number of jobs: ~45,000
  • 2014, number of jobs: ~80,000
  • 2015, number of jobs: ~119,000
  • Employment growth forecast, 2015-2020: 11 percent

Airline and commercial pilots; what they do:

Commercial pilots fly and navigate airplanes that transport people and cargo on a fixed schedule. Commercial pilots will fly aircraft for charter flights, rescue operations, firefighting, aerial photography and other aerial applications.  Get started on your career path toward your commercial pilots’ license. It is possible to have your commercial pilots’ license in as little as 9 months and starting your new commercial pilot career within 1 year.

With Third Coast Aviation, we strive to get you to the rewarding career you’ve always strived for. Once you attain your commercial pilots’ license through Third Coast Aviation, have the opportunity to earn as you gain experience. Our unique program will take you through every phase of training and will provide all the necessary education and hours to be in a successful career.  When you have completed our program, you can move onto other Commercial and Airline pilot jobs such as:

  • Commercial Airline Pilot
  • Pilot
  • Airline Pilot
  • Airline Transport Pilot
  • Captain
  • Co-Pilot
  • Airline Captain
  • Commuter Pilot
  • First Officer

Because great pilots are made not born, Third Coast Aviation invites you to explore what others only dream about – earn your wings with Third Coast Aviation and realize your career in as little as 9 months! Call (979) 473-9822 or visit to discover your learning and financing options today.

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Tony Boulanger
Mr. Boulanger is CEO & President of Third Coast Aviation LLC. Mr. Boulanger held positions as Senior Operations Manager (November 2012 to July 2016) at Oceaneering Inc., Manager / Senior Application Consultant (January 2006 to November 2012) and other positions at ABS Nautical Systems Ltd., Managing Member at Terbyte Services LLC (February 2000 to January 2006), various contracting projects from November 1998 through January 2002, Owner of RTFM Management Services LP (May 1996 through October 1998) and also Military Intelligence in the U.S. Army from March 1989 through June 1995.

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