I’m taking flight

There are many things I could see myself doing within operations management. I have to admit, though, that working with an Aviation company was one of the things which just didn’t come to mind. However, I find myself so enthralled with it. I believe that I have finally started the process to stop working for a living. As the new Chief Operations Officer for Third Coast Aviation LLC., I am involved in something which enriches the lives of others. This provides purpose and direction, while giving fun and exciting challenges along this new journey.

Between now and the year 2035, the U.S. will require at least 104,000 new pilots with a world-wide requirement of at least 617,000 new pilots. With an expanding economy, an increase in airline fleet numbers already on order and the rate of mandatory retirement of existing captains over the age of 65; there will be a true demand for quality aviation training. What excites me so much about this, is that it all starts at the Private Pilot’s license.

With this new-found knowledge, I have altered by goals. My immediate plan is to complete my private pilot’s license, attain the instrument training and complete the commercial pilot’s course. Within a year, I could be an Aviation Operations Manager with the pleasure of providing flight instruction to others, gaining flight hours with private chartering services, and be directly improving the life experiences of others.

If you would like to get started in a new career path, I know Third Coast Aviation could help you achieve your goals too. Because great pilots are made not born, Third Coast Aviation invites you to explore what others only dream about – earn your wings with Third Coast Aviation and realize your dreams in as little as three months! Call (979) 473-9822 or visit http://thirdcoastaviation.com/ to discover your learning and financing options today.


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Tony Boulanger
Mr. Boulanger is CEO & President of Third Coast Aviation LLC. Mr. Boulanger held positions as Senior Operations Manager (November 2012 to July 2016) at Oceaneering Inc., Manager / Senior Application Consultant (January 2006 to November 2012) and other positions at ABS Nautical Systems Ltd., Managing Member at Terbyte Services LLC (February 2000 to January 2006), various contracting projects from November 1998 through January 2002, Owner of RTFM Management Services LP (May 1996 through October 1998) and also Military Intelligence in the U.S. Army from March 1989 through June 1995.

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