Aerial Observation & Survey

Third Coast Aviation LLC provides aerial observation & survey services from our headquarters at the Texas Gulf Coast Regional Airport in Brazoria County, Texas (LBX). These services entail flight services provided by our staff of FAA licensed commercial pilots in our fleet of aircraft based at LBX. Our program supports aerial photography projects, emergency personnel support, governmental survey projects, pipeline surveying and surveillance, land surveying flights, engineering surveying, oil & gas surveying, among others.


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  • Takeoff and landing at Texas Gulf Coast Regional Airport (LBX)
  • For business hour flights, one and a half (1.5) hour lead time for unscheduled
  • For after-hours flights, three (3) hour lead time required with $200.00 call out fee
  • Two (2) hour minimum usage, with fractional hours rounded up



Our pricing is simple – we charge a fee for each hour you are in the air with our pilot and aircraft. Starting with our program is also easy – establish an account with a retainer of three thousand dollars ($3,000.00), with replenishment of three thousand dollars ($3,000.00) each time the retainer is either completely used or lapses. Any retainer remaining at the end of twelve (12) months lapses and must be replenished to continue with our program.  The fee for each hour is as follows:

$250.00 2 or less passengers[1]
$500.00 4 or less passengers
$1,000.00 6 or less passengers


Can our aerial observation and surveying services be used if you are not a program participant with a retainer on account? Yes. Our services can be provided al-a-carte with a fifty percent (50%) increase to each hourly fee and two hundred dollars ($200.00) call out fee irrespective schedule.


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[1] The different rates reflect different aircraft being used with a different load and range capabilities.