Student Videos

Third Coast Aviation LLC (‘TCA‘) posts videos of Discovery Flights, student pilot flight lessons, and helpful guidance on our Youtube channel, with the help of James Rhodes.

Videos with James Rhodes

  • We started off with a simple video of a Pre-Flight Inspection, which shows some key points of aircraft inspection.
  • After that video, we posted a video of James’ Discovery Flight, which displays highlights of his first time up in the air!
  • Subsequently, a compilation of Takeoffs and Landings was recorded during James’ fourth flight lesson.
  • His Fourth lesson also has it’s own video that includes training on navigating to and from a VOR, flying with instruments only, and practicing landings and takeoffs. The video references,, and
  • Next, his Fifth lesson was fully posted and focuses on developing a rhythm in a stabilized landing pattern.
  • James’ Sixth lesson video highlights work on dutch rolls, stalls, and stall recovery.
  • Finally, our latest video shows viewers how to plan their own Cross Country flight with the help of a flight computer, sectional map, SkyVector, and more.

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