Discovery Flights

Remember – great pilots are made, not born. Third Coast Aviation LLC (‘TCA’) offers Discovery Flights for new students to allow them to realize their potential as pilots and start an exciting journey with us.

Discover the beauty of Galveston Island or Houston from 3,000 feet, flying out of either Texas Gulf Coast Regional Airport (‘LBX’) in Lake Jackson, Texas or Southwest Houston Airport (AXH) in Arcola, Texas. Participants will learn the basics and freedom of flying in a small aircraft, and will have the opportunity to experience all aspects of flying, including take-off, climbing to the desired altitude, navigation to Galveston Island or around Houston, and then returning to the departure airport. Total flight duration is approximately 1 hour, with up to 30 minutes of ground school. After completing the flight and properly stowing the aircraft, participants will conduct an after action review.

Participants will be at the controls, but don’t worry, there will be a professional pilot who also has control of the aircraft. Share the experience with another person who can capture all the excitement and thrills of flying.

Aspiring pilots can begin their journey with a Discovery Flight intended to teach the necessary fundamental training to get in the air. Participants learn from seasoned pilots what keeps an aircraft in the air, how to inspect the aircraft, and finally basic flight maneuvers required to obtain a private pilots license. The discovery flight concludes with an after-action review and recording of this first flight in the flight log.


Our Discovery Flight package includes

  • 1 hour in an aircraft
  • 1/2 hour ground school with an FAA certified pilot
    • Overview of basic flight knowledge
    • Overview of flight instruments and systems
  • Complimentary Third Coast Aviation LLC t-shirt
  • No additional charge for another person in the back seat (due to weight restrictions, more than one person may not be possible)
  • Logged time toward your Private Pilot’s license


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A $399.00 value, TCA provides many ways to purchase Discovery Flights – see us on GROUPON, purchase directly from TCA via phone, or see us at various Fly In and community sponsored events when you can receive special discounts for a Discovery Flight.


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