START TODAY… fulfill your dreams and become a pilot today. Get into the air and learn how you can fly yourself to family events, fly to business meetings, and see our great country! Don’t sit there and think about flying, get into the air.

Third Coast Aviation LLC (TCA) is dedicated to creating safe, competent, and proficient pilots within a community focused on comradery and continuing education at the Texas Gulf Coast Regional Airport in Lake Jackson / Brazoria County, Texas (KLBX). Learn to fly at our convenient location with our FAA Certified Flight Instructors (CFI) today in our FAR part 61 flight school.


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The Discovery Flights

The FIRST STEP is to take a Discovery Flight to discover the beauty of Galveston Island from 3,000 feet in the air.  This hour long tour / lesson includes a pre-flight discussion and check, with up to an hour in our aircraft with one of our professional pilots, and a post-flight review.  If you are continuing on with our flight training, our Discovery Flight also includes our Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) signing a student log book.

Flight Training

After your Discovery Flight and registration (more details), you are ready to take to the air with flight training during dual flight instruction with one of our CFI and an aircraft in our fleet.  Our fleet includes a Piper Archer II plan, a Piper Cherokee, and a Grumman AA-1A. In addition to our aircraft, our students have access to our Advanced Aircraft Training Device (AATD).

And yes, you are welcome to start elsewhere and continue your journey here at Third Coast Aviation LLC.  We offer the full spectrum of certification levels to get you where you want to be:

  • Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) pilot certificate, for the hobbyist who loves flying.
  • Private Pilot (PPL) — Fly for pleasure or personal business.
    • Instrument Pilot rating — Increase your skills, increase your opportunities to fly.
    • Multi-Engine Pilot rating — Conquer the fast-paced world of complex, high-performance aircraft.
  • Commercial Pilot — Become a professional pilot.
  • Certified Flight Instructor — Share your love of aviation with others by qualifying to teach people the joys of piloting.

Our Flight Line

With TCA, we ensure that our flight line includes planes that not only are flight worthy, but we pride ourselves on keeping our list of squawks empty!  Our flight line currently has:

  • Piper Archer II
    • Garmin 430W equipped and IFR certified
  • Piper Cherokee
  • Grumman AA-1A Trainer
  • ELITE Systems PI-1000 Professional  5 screen Advanced Aircraft Training Device (AATD) with the following plane profiles:
    • Cessna 172R, Cessna 172S
    • Cessna 182T, Cessna T182T
    • Cessna 206, Cessna T206
    • Diamond DA40
    • Diamond DA42
    • Beechcraft Baron G58

Group Ground School

As part of every airman’s license, the FAA requires the student pilot to pass a written practical test.  In order to sit for the test, the student pilot must be endorsed by his or her CFI.  Our Group Ground School prepares student pilots to take the Practical Test, and our Certified Ground School Instructor(s) teaching our Group Ground School classes are also able to endorse student pilots to sit for the written practical test.

Of course, this does not take the place of the CFI engaged in your dual and solo flight training, nor eliminate all of the CFI’s ground school training.

For more information…

For more information, please call us at our headquarters at (979) 473-9822 or call our Director of Operations Tony Boulanger at (832) 302-4566, or e-mail us at


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