First student pilot solo flight

Third Coast Aviation LLC (‘TCA‘) has truly been blessed with the support from those around us.  Looking back to the day we began this venture, I recall thinking to myself, “I wonder what success will actually look like?”  At the time, the measure of success was being marked by:

  • Success will be judged by hitting this revenue by this date,
  • We have acquired certain assets with a utilization rate of ??? by a certain date, or
  • We had a certain number of students by a certain date

True success is really measured in our students’ success within the flight school.  It’s great to have many students, large sums of revenue and full utilization of your equipment, but does all that matter if your flight students are not making positive and effective progress toward their goals? I believe the answer is no.

That is why I am excited to announce that our first student, Jeff Skiba, just took his first solo flight.  Jeff Skiba has been a spectacular flight student and will be an even better pilot.  As of June 9, 2017, he successfully began his solo exercises and is well on his way to receiving his Private Pilot certificate.  Our success is marked by students such as Jeff, and we continue to dedicate ourselves to the achievement of their goals.

We also have another student coming up quickly on Jeff’s heels, doing their official solo flight within the next week.

© 2017 by Third Coast Aviation LLC and Tony Boulanger, all rights reserved.  Mr. Skiba’s picture used by permission.

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Tony Boulanger
Mr. Boulanger is CEO & President of Third Coast Aviation LLC. Mr. Boulanger held positions as Senior Operations Manager (November 2012 to July 2016) at Oceaneering Inc., Manager / Senior Application Consultant (January 2006 to November 2012) and other positions at ABS Nautical Systems Ltd., Managing Member at Terbyte Services LLC (February 2000 to January 2006), various contracting projects from November 1998 through January 2002, Owner of RTFM Management Services LP (May 1996 through October 1998) and also Military Intelligence in the U.S. Army from March 1989 through June 1995.

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