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Your first flight, a Discovery Flight for success

Third Coast Aviation LLC (“TCA“)  provides your first flight Discovery Flights as part of its business as a Title 14 CFR Part 61 flight school.  A Discovery Flight is meant to allow individuals interested in joining our flight school to determine if general aviation flight training is for them – go up in one of our aircraft on our flight line, and take the controls with a Certified Flight Instructor (“CFI“).  A Discovery Flight can only be taken once per student.

Definition of “Discovery Flight

What it is not:

Therefore, you might get the following if you purchased one from our Groupon offering or if you purchased it directly with us:

  1. Have you taken a Discovery Flight before? If you have, we are unable to provide you another Discovery flight. However, we can sign them as a student and give the credit toward a flight lesson.
  2. Is this Discovery flight for pleasure or to learn how to fly. If for pleasure, we can not provide a Discovery flight. They will need to request a refund from Groupon.

Rules for your first flight

Besides staying legal and above board, these two important questions allow us to deal only with the serious minded students who can be successful in flight training.  Serious students find success by scheduling following instruction with their CFI prior to leaving Third Coast Aviation, hence the reason for the flight in the first place.  The regulations that we run our business:

Also, we do not allow secondary passengers unless the second individual is a parent, guardian, or someone interested in the process.

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