Check ride checklist, you must have these

Since so many of our student pilots are taking check rides this month, we felt it important to provide a “check ride checklist” for them as they were preparing for their big day.

Check Ride Checklist

When you take your check ride with your FAA Designated Pilot Examiner (“DPE“), you must have the following in your aircraft with you according to the Airmen Certification Standards (ACS):

  • aircraft’s log books, both airframe and plant
  • demonstrate the annual inspection
  • demonstrate the last 100 hour inspection if applicable
  • aircraft’s pitot static inspection
  • aircraft’s ELT inspection
  • VOR, if within 30 days if applicable or if requested by the examaniner

The following items must be in your aircraft:

  • aircraft’s air worthiness certificate
  • aircraft’s current registration
  • aircraft’s operational limitation – the POH may be used for this purposes or could be an approved flight manual
  • aircraft’s current original weight & balance document

Student should have the following with them personally, on their person:

  • current charts of the immediate area
  • view limiting device” also known foggles


  • pilot’s government issued photo idea
  • pilot’s current student pilot license or issued pilot license
  • current medical certificate
  • pilot’s logbook showing aeronautical requirements met
  • pilot’s documentation of written test results
  • pilot’s CFI endorsements
  • properly filed out FAA form 8710 (or physical proof of the online entry)

Further information for a check ride checklist

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