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Third Coast Aviation LLC (“TCA“) provides flight training as a Title 14 CFR Part 61 flight school as well as aircraft acquisition and aircraft sales & management services.  As part of our flight training and our TCA Student Association, we provide aircraft rental to pilots for training only.

Aircraft Flight Line

ELITE Systems PI-1000 professional 5 screen AATD

ELITE Systems PI-1000 professional 5 screen AATD

In order to provide aircraft for flight training, we purchase and do leasebacks with individuals in order to have coverage for our current students as well as our student alumni that would like to build their flight hours towards their commercial pilots license and beyond.

See our TCA flight line page for more information on specific aircraft on our flight line, including our Advanced Aircraft Training Device.

Aircraft Acquisition Services

With the March 2018 announcement, Third Coast Aviation LLC (“TCA“) offers aircraft acquisition services for the student pilot as well the seasoned pilot who decides to upgrade to his next plane.  Using our copyrighted “TCA Aircraft Acquisition Process” or TAAP, we ensure that the new student pilot can achieve their goals for an acquisition while staying within their budget and skills.  For the seasoned pilot, we can take his goals, his skill set, and help him set goals and open up his or her horizons when buying a new aircraft to either replace the one they have and sell their old plane or come up with an income generation plan for their current aircraft.

See our Aircraft Acquisition Services page for more information on TAAP or read more information from AOPA’s website on buying and selling planes.

Aircraft Sales and Management

aircraft salesSo you have an aircraft that you’d like to sell, no scratch that, that you need to sell.  TCA’s friendly personnel can help you through the process and ensure that you get top dollar for your aircraft.  While its being sold, let TCA also manage it to generate an income stream for you prior to its sale.

See our Aircraft sales and management page for more information on leaseback opportunities.

See our aircraft sales inventory page for aircraft that we currently have listed for sale.

About Third Coast Aviation LLC

Founded in January 2017, Third Coast Aviation LLC is a general aviation company serving the Texas Gulf Coast region, providing CFR Part 61 flight training, aircraft acquisition services, and  aircraft sales services.  With ranks of seasoned Certified Flight Instructors (CFI, CFII, and MEI), we deliver services to student pilots, from Discovery Flights through their Private Pilot License (PPL) and beyond – creating safe, competent pilots!  We don’t stop there, but continue serving pilots with TCA Group Ground School Workshops, BSA Aviation Badge Workshops, and a TCA Student Association.

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