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Third Coast Aviation LLC (TCA) is excited to offer air tours leaving from our beautiful offices at Texas Gulf Coast Regional Airport (KLBX) in Angleton, Texas – air tours that allows YOU to experience Houston sights from the air.  Check back regularly to determine if we’ve added another tour, but check out our first – the Galveston Air Tour…

“Destination Galveston”, Galveston from the Air…

Discover the magnificent and historic Galveston, Texas from the air. Seeing the island from the air opens your imagination and allows you to imagine what Galveston was like in 1900 prior to the Galveston Hurricane of 1900 – as you can only do in the air…

Start your Galveston Air Tour at KLBX with a 10 to 30-minute ground safety presentation by one of our commercial pilots, like Costa Papanicolaou. You and your passenger(s) bring your complimentary headset rentals and climb on board one of our comfortable 180 horsepower general aviation aircraft that allows you to experience this air tour. From there, you takeoff and never go over 1,000 feet high…

Once you get to Galveston, you head over Pelican Bridge. Circling around the cruise ship(s) in port you get to see them as you never have, and then continue onto the Bolivar Landing on the Bolivar Peninsula. This is your opportunity to see the ferries at no less than 500 feet.  From there, onto East Beach and you get to choose whether you do a “peel off” from closer than you’ve ever been atop the waves. Flying 500 feet off Jamaica Beach about 500 feet off the shore, you get to feel a slight fraction of a second experience of zero gravity and another “peel off”.

Moving over San Luis Pass at the end of Galveston Island, you will get to see the schools of fish moving through the pass from around 700 feet. From there, you get to see the Inter-Coastal Waterway (ICW), and then down to 200 feet to see the alligators, coyotes, and sometimes feral hogs running wild along the ICW.  Before heading back to Texas Gulf Coast Regional Airport, you get a glimpse of Harbor Walk Village and finally “the piano”. What is “the piano”, well you’re just going to have to come and see for yourself!

That’s what 45 minutes in the air will be like – an adventure!!!! Because of the adventure aspect of our air tour, we are limited to participants and passengers that are 9 years and older. Also, we are limited 700 total pounds of passengers in our aircraft.

Suggested Retail Price

  • $699, but call for special pricing depending upon the days requested


  • Up to 3 passengers
  • Up to 700 pounds
  • Passengers must be 9 years old or older
  • Scheduling based upon tours paid in full

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